Helping People See Clearer in Athens, Georgia

Not being able to see due to low vision is frustrating and stressful. It can mean, in some cases, a loss of independence.  Perhaps you’ve always had a hard time with low vision, or your vision has weakened as you aged, it doesn’t have to stop you from living life fully. Do you want to do the simple things in life that most of us take for granted? Like enjoying a historical city like Athens, reading a menu without help, paying bills online or just watching a movie? Simple everyday living can be challenging with low vision.

That’s where the team at Visual Enhancements can help! Our team understands the impact low vision products can provide by giving our clients greater independence, confidence, hope and dignity.


Personalized Customer Service

When you walk in to our charming storefront and are greeted by our friendly staff, you’ll find a team that will work to find exactly what your low vision needs are and how to meet them. We carefully evaluate every situation to make the best recommendations possible.

We know that every patient is different, so we customize the right solution to fit your specific needs. And we make sure that you’re comfortable and that you understand the equipment that you walk away with. Our staff is readily available to answer your questions at any time for the life of the product.

The Best in Quality Products

When it comes to your sight, quality cannot be compromised. And that’s how we feel about the products we sell. We carry the top of the line low vision equipment, products by Enhanced Vision. You’ll find that we always carry the latest in low vision technology including hand held magnifiers, desktop video magnifiers, computer integration of video magnifiers and the newest HD/OCR CCTV’s.  And our knowledgeable staff will walk you through each of these products and demonstrate how they enrich your life through sight.

A Price You Can Rest Easy With

The value of sight is priceless, but costs can still scare people away. That’s not the case with Visual Enhancements. We deliver high quality products with the price tag to match. You know you’ll be getting the best in customer service, quality products, and the confidence boost that comes with independent living.  More and more people are walking away with the joy of enhanced sight.

Why Choose Visual Enhancements?

Trusted since 1998, Visual Enhancements has gained the trust of many users across the board – from the Georgia Department of Labor to the Veterans Administration, not to mention various colleges and universities and library systems. We’ve helped deliver high-powered electronic magnifying products to the visually impaired and legally blind community throughout Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Valdosta, and Albany.

So whether you’re a student at the University of Georgia and are having a hard time seeing lecture notes, or are a young mother trying to read a bedtime story to your child – seeing is part of life, but it doesn’t have to diminish any of it. Come meet our team at Visual Enhancements today!