Acrobat Panel FAQ

Q. How long will the battery last?A. The battery will last approximately 3 – 5 hours per complete charge.
Q. How long does it take for the battery to recharge?A. The battery needs approximately 4 hours to recharge.
Q. How does the battery recharge?A. There is no separate battery charger for the Acrobat Panel it is included in the base. Keep the battery inserted into the panel. Connect the Power Supply to the Acrobat Panel and plug it into an outlet. The battery will recharge while in the panel. The battery will also continue to charge if the panel is in use.
Q. Can I use the Acrobat Panel without the battery?A. Yes. The Acrobat Panel comes with a Power Supply that can be connected to an outlet. Doing this will run the Acrobat Panel and also recharge the battery at the same time. (Note the system will also operate in the case where no battery is inserted and the wall adapter is used.)
Q. Does the battery have to be completely discharged before I recharge it?A. No. The Acrobat Panel has a lithium ion battery that does not need to be completely discharged before recharging it again. The battery cannot be overcharged. However, the fewer the charging cycles, the longer the battery life.
Q. Can I connect the Acrobat Panel to a TV or monitor?A. Yes. The Acrobat Panel includes an RCA cable that will allow it to connect to a TV. The Acrobat Panel can also be connected to a PC monitor through use of an adapter (not included). To connect the Acrobat Panel to the TV set you will need the Video Cable. Plug one end of the Video Cable into the yellow jack on the back of the power pack labeled “Video Out” and the other end into the yellow “Video Input” jack on the front or the back of your TV. Then switch your TV to Video Mode.
Q. Is the LCD screen adjustable?A. Yes. The LCD screen can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally by gently rotating the frame up, down, left or right.
Q. Can I adjust the height of the LCD screen?A. Yes, by loosening the knob on the back of the LCD screen and sliding the screen up or down to the desired location. However, we don’t recommend tampering with this as the system is set at the ideal height when shipped.
Q. Can I adjust the LCD screen settings?A. No, the settings have been preset and cannot be changed.
Q. In case of a problem, how can I get my system serviced?A. For questions or to arrange for product service, please contact Enhanced Vision’s customer service team, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST at
(800) 440-9476, (714) 465-3400 or We will contact you within 24 hours to provide instructions and a return authorization number.